Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What your company wants? ~ by John J Arent

When it comes to expectations that companies have about their employees, it really comes down to just a few requirements in most cases.  Ethics, Integrity and Honesty as well as Character.  Here is a short list of these qualities...

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Performance & Results
This may sound elementary but make sure that you deliver on your expectations.  The first step is to make sure that you know what is expected of you.  Situations and management change from time to time and the position that you started with a few months ago has probably changed as well. Insist on getting updated progress checks or performance reports as to how you are doing and continue to build on your strengths and hone development areas.

Be a Team Player
Follow the Standard Operating Procedures and be a champion of both the company and your team.  Never say anything bad about people in public.  Praise often and do so publicly.  Reprimand when needed and only in private.

Bring Value & a Positive Attitude
Do more than collect a paycheck.  Show motivation and inspiration to go above and beyond the expectations.

Always be Learning
You can always make time to research recent developments in your field, read relevant journals and online material, attend seminars and conferences.  Do not accept that you already “know everything”.  Don’t create an image that you are “old school”.

Make yourself irreplaceable
Earn a reputation for honesty, integrity and hard work.  Be a resource to the company and your department that has delivered results on a routine basis!

Relationships are critical
Surround yourself with good people who are focused, have good character and are on target.  Avoid commiserating with negative people or complainers. 

Culture fit
As an employee you need to fit the culture of the company not have the company fit your needs.  To seek an enjoyable collaboration with your employer, ensure that you and the company have similar core values and cultural accord.

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