Monday, June 25, 2012

8 overused cliches packed into 1 sentence ~ John J Arent

I wanted to have some fun with an article that I recently read that listed about 100 business clich├ęs.  These were great and I remember using a number of them myself over the years.  Here is a much shorter version with some additional quips that I have used as well as my own translations and summary of my takeaways from these often over-used expressions.  I hope that this starts your week off on a fun note!  Enjoy!

We are going through a Re-Org”  ~ Get your resume out, we close shop in two weeks!

Go after the “low hanging fruit ~ Even an imbecile would get this, the fruit that the worms already got!

“Don’t get thrown under the bus” ~ CYA, always think of yourself first.

“Draw a line in the sand” ~ Remember the Alamo, it didn’t work!

“Deal with it ~ No more whining!

“The view from 40,000 feet” ~ Makes you feel good due to the altitude. A little light-headed.

"The View from 20,000 feet" ~ get your parachutes ready!

“The view from 500 feet” ~ Too late...We are about to crash!

Paradigm shift ~ A word to use if you can’t spell “model”

“Best in class” ~ We’ve done a ton of research on this program

“We put together Best Practices” ~ Simply a way to blame others when it doesn’t work.

Any Quotes from Brian Tracy, Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Covey etal
 ~ Makes you sound smart!

And finally putting them all together..... “Peeling the Onion” so when we have exhausted “best practices as well as a crash landing from 40,000 feet, we will draw a line in the sand so we don’t get thrown under the bus, this way when the early bird gets the worm from our low hanging fruit, there will be no whining and we will not go through the paradigm shift that will force us to make a Re-Org.

Now that you read these again, and have memorized them....the hope is that for eternity that you will never, ever say one of these senseless, overused worthless expressions again...

                                      Adios Amigos!

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