Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You need your profile on Linkedin !!!

I first want to say that I am not employed by Linkedin

I will now try to sell you on why you need to get your profile on Linkedin and be active on their professional social networking platform.  According to research that I did recently, Linkedin is gaining 120 new members every minute of the day.  Total profiles now number over 161 Million people from over 200 Countries.  I recall watching “60 Minutes” back around the beginning of this year when the host suggested that resumes will become a thing of the past and that ALL employers are looking for “internet footprints” of their future employees. 

2 Tips that I would like to share with you on building your Linkedin profile.
Your professional background is your “life story”.  Treat it as such but do not fib.  Outline your career highlights, promotions and awards.  Your involvement in outside interests such as coaching, volunteering, schools and organizations will tell a lot about who you are beyond work.   Remember that this is a professional social networking group.  Make sure that everything that you post is professional.

As part of employment, most companies will do a reference check.  Often times this is done in a perfunctory manner as most of us know.  However many a position has been lost when a reference check does not match.  The same can be said for Linkedin.  It is great to have references particularly from superiors, colleagues and direct reports if possible.  Don't overdo it.  It will cast a certain sense of soliciting endorsements of your work. 

I hope that you become ACTIVE in Linkedin.  It is far and away the best professional networking site on the planet!  It also helps immensely in re-connecting with former friends, colleagues and classmates!

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