Sunday, May 6, 2012

The week ahead - AUTOGRAPH it with Excellence!

Generally I post early in the morning on weekdays.
I am publishing this on Sunday evening with the hope that my thoughts can help you get off to a great week!  Welcome Mondays and every other day of the week.  Autograph each day with excellence! I promise to live it to the fullest and make a difference!  Here are my thoughts for the week ahead!

Today is Monday, I am going to help bring greater MEANING to my workplace.  Being the start of the week I am going to make sure that It gets off to a great start! Some people do not like Mondays, I get revved up by them.  It is the beginning of the work week and the excitement and enthusiasm that I can bring to my job and to you my readers will have huge impact on me.  This is the start of the week, and it will be a most Meaningful one for me!   

On Tuesday of this week, I plan to get in TOUCH with someone who I have not talked to in a long time.  We all have busy schedules and through sheer exhaustion, those weeks run into months and sometimes years without reaching out to a someone who you have not talked to in a while.  A former colleague or childhood best friend would be Thrilled to get back in touch with you.  Today, I am going to do it!

Wednesday is for the hope of increased Wisdom! It will be the day that I am WILLING and able to be the best partner, father and teammate that I can be.  I will not let things distract me from being a better person and provider.  I WILL open up myself to reflect on how I can get better and be a positive role model for others.  I Will go to the greatest extent to make sure that I am practicing humility and other core values to help me to make others more successful and happy!

On Thursday of this week, I will be more THANKFUL for the many blessings that I have received over the years.  I will be more Trusting of my peers and acquaintances’ and I will continue to be Truthful in all that I do!

Friday of this week will be the end of the work week and I promise I will go out with a FLOURISH.  Nothing will be Formidable; there will always be a way to accomplish things.  Breaking it down into small steps will help us all recognize and start with the “end in mind”.  It will be a Fitting end to the work week!

This is the Start of the weekend, and today, Saturday, I am going to SMILE at every person that I come in contact with.  No forced Smiles, but real & genuine, honest to goodness Smiles.  My motto today is “Let a Smile be my guide”.  The positives that can come out of Smiling will be to make me less Stressed, less anxious and appreciate the wonderful family and friends that I am very fortunate to have.  The Smile will let everyone I that I am thankful for all the many blessings that I have in life.  It will also go a long way in helping me to be most Successful not only today but for the years to come!

Sunday, is the day for the Sharing with family!  The few hours that I spend with God and family on Sundays is the most important hours of the week for me!  It is the day that I Sit back on Sunday afternoons in the fall and watch my favorite teams in the NFL.  In Springtime, it is the special day where my wife and I can go to the arboretum or the Hill country and marvel about the beauty that God has given us.  In the Summer, it is time for the pool or beach.  Wintertime, we can go skiing.  Sunday is also the Start of the next week, where we will go back to Monday and Start all over! 

Do you have a plan for this week? Month? Year?  

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