Friday, May 18, 2012


Most of us have read Stephen Covey’s book on the “7 habits of highly effective people”.  This is not a blog about GOOD habits but rather those habits that need to be broken.  How often have you run into situations or people like these?

Getting an e-mail that is ALL caps.  If there is one way to get under my skin, send me a message that “yells” at me without any way of responding.  Thankfully, it does not happen often but did you ever get one and how did it feel?
  • People on cell phones in public spaces.  I have heard so much on airplanes, restaurants, shopping malls and even in church where the communications are just inappropriate. Here are two examples of what I have heard [and wish that I didn't.] One time, I heard a guy on an airplane talking with HR and how he was going to fire the SOB.  As the phone conversation got more heated, his voice escalated.  Soon, it appeared that everyone within five aisles of him knew about this person who was about to be fired. Has this ever happened to you?      
Perhaps the craziest conversation that I had to hear was one in church where the communications appeared to be a tryst.  This was before mass but it was getting "hot & heavy".  I must say it was difficult to pay attention to the rest of the services and I did not shake their hand at the sign of peace.
  • Inappropriate pictures being sent on e-mail and through text messaging.  You just do not know who will eventually see these pictures and when and where they could come back to bite you.  I will never forget a story that I heard when someone gave their colleague their phone to view a picture.  The picture was a group photo from a previous business meeting…the screen went dark and to get it back on other pictures began to emerge.  Needless to say by the time the phone had passed through several of her colleagues, this person's face was the color of a fire engine! 
  • The constant jabber who simply will talk all day and never listen…enough said!

Finally, my #1 pet peeve is people who boast about themselves all the time.  Have you ever come in contact with such a person.  We all know it is important to be confident but to be infallible?  Most people believe that one of the skill sets that all leaders need to exhibit is humility. 

Have a super weekend and enjoy the super springtime weather here in the Northern Hemisphere! Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope that the fall weather is delightful.  

This topic is one that could grow appreciably as far as the social taboos that you have witnessed. I am sure that you have others stories, please share or comment and we can update this post in a few weeks!

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