Friday, April 20, 2012

The things that SUCCESSFUL people do

Yesterday we looked at factors that can directly influence accomplishment. These are aspects that managers can apply to their coaching skills in helping to create an environment that breeds success! Today I would like to take a closer look at some of the behavioral and personality traits that are often found in very accomplished people.  These qualities are intrinsic to top performers.  As was the case yesterday, this listing will be in no particular order. I encourage you to add in the comment section if you have additional thoughts on the persona that these talented achievers possess. Good selling!

  • Dependability is a characteristic of people who flourish.  I do not believe that you can be successful if you do not possess a high level of Dependability. Those who possess this are highly recognizable.  These are the "go to" people in your organization.  They possess a “blameless” quality about themselves and are very responsible and reliable. You can count on them to be honest and ethical in their actions. Personal Accountability is a precept of their belief structure.

  • Enthusiasm and a positive can-do attitude are qualities of highly successful groups.  They possess the “fire in the belly”, are highly motivated and have a true passion for the work that they do.

  • Humility is a core value that the super successful are connoisseurs in demonstrating. They readily acknowledge that they do not know everything and recognize that there is much to learn from mentors and others in their field.  They make it a habit of surrounding themselves with a diverse group of professionals.   In this way, they can learn from the global relationships that they have built.

  • Empathy is the capability and action that one shows to respect those around them and truly care about their colleagues.  This allows the group to feel better connected and not at odds with one another.  Those who exhibit compassion for others minimize stress and anxiety and are able to better focus on results.

  • Confidence is a trademark of all successful people.  As Henry Ford stated “whether you think you can or can’t…you are right”.  Without belief you cannot operate successfully.  As you exhibit self-assurance you also rally others by inspiration and guidance.

  • Work Ethic of the successful is strong.  These achievers work hard and they work smart.  They are optimistic and believe in what they are doing and go above and beyond the call of duty.  They get up early without coaxing and rarely if ever complain.  They are personally accountable and expect top tier performance from themselves.  They are solution oriented and generally have tried to solve problems before others realize that there are issues.

  • Learning is an attribute that you generally see in successful people.  They are eager to learn new ideas and apply those concepts to be more successful.  They are enthusiastic and excited to take on new responsibilities and attend advanced training seminars.  They are constantly trying to update and develop all aspects of their being.  When a deal falls through, they don’t stress about it but rather learn and envision a successful outcome next time.

  • Networking is a key feature that you see in thriving go-getters.  They are social and keep the right company.  They seek out other successful people and are more involved with consulting with them.  They generally know a lot of people and associate with other top performers. They avoid the negative crowd and are not prone to complaining about circumstances beyond their control. 

  • Personal Accountability is the impetus for their success.  They don’t worry about blaming others and don’t waste time complaining about the glass being half-full.  They are self-reliant and can work with the autonomy that sales professionals often need to.

  • Well-Prepared is a descriptor that closely defines the successful people that I have encountered.  They do not get out of the car without a plan.  Successful people don’t waste time, they use it!  They practice and are fluent when the time comes for action.  They rarely are caught off guard and have an uncanny ability to take full advantage of the present but also having an eye out for the future. They have a clearly defined road-map for success!

  • Flexibility is another common trademark of successful people.  They realize that they need to be adaptable to change and are able to quickly acclimate to those changes.

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