Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Ways to FAIL as a Leader

Intimidate rather than Motivate ~ Managing operations by negative results and critique will be a sure-fire way for you to fail as a leader.  Micro-management, over-analysis and oppressive stress exerted on employees will quickly destroy a successful working environment.  The ability to involve the team in both setting and reaching goals will help to create a team atmosphere that is both enjoyable and productive.

Focus on themselves rather than team ~ Managing people as a means to get to your goals will eventually cause you to fail.  Controlling behaviors and personalities will sink the ship.  These managers are the ones who tend not to listen or perhaps “fake listen” and then proceed to dictate what their subordinates must do.  Everyone is treated as a “D-1” with a “choker” leash.  These are the typical managers who have an extremely high confidence level that lacks humility.  They simply cannot or will not be wrong! These managers fail to realize that a diverse group of individuals when sculpted into a team can be an unstoppable force to success.  These managers need to understand that there are many ways to obtain success and they need to begin to appreciate the vast contributions that are available.

Status Quo rather than Change ~ Managers who have been in their current position and have a certain tenure as a administrator tend to rely on “what worked then, will work today”.  This belief is not totally wrong where it has been shown that “History often repeats itself”.  A major challenge today reflects the fact that the marketplace is evolving at unprecedented speed.  New technologies are coming out virtually every day.  Accepting the status quo will ultimately result in decreased productivity and ultimate bankruptcy. Leaders today, more than ever, need to grasp change and be readily able to embrace these advancements.

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